What is Den and Dweller?

Hi, I’m David, I run Den and Dweller. I’m a Visual Effects Artist based in Brooklyn NY, but more importantly I enjoy making things. I started Den and Dweller so I could create more art and share those pieces with people who enjoy them as much as I do. My work here is laid and cut out of wood with my homemade laser cutter, hand wood burned, and finished to bring out the natural life of the wood.

You can typically find me at my desk, working, or in my studio, building. I continually experiment combining my digital art skills with my analog fabrication skills to create new and interesting pieces of art.

In my off time I like to play Indie games, cook Japanese food, and fiddle with electronics.

Goals of Den and Dweller

  • Provide quality, hand finished art for people to enjoy
  • Reinvest any profits into creating and collaborating
  • Use as many renewable/recyclable materials as possible